When can you study?

Currently classes are open available at the following times.

Class Japan Brazil* Spain
Int+ W 8am Tu 9pm Tu 0am
Int+ W 9am Tu 10pm Tu 1am
Beg W 10am Tu 11pm Tu 2am

*Rio de Janero

Who is the teacher?

Hello! My name is Todd and I am the teacher of elllo class. I have been a teacher for over 20 years. My specialty is teaching conversation, natural speech, idioms, business English, and pronunciation. I hope to see you in class so I can help you too!

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Welcome to the Book

Welcome to ELLLO CLASS!

Elllo class offers low-cost online English classes students can take from home, work, or from a remote location. Classes are taught by a native English speaker and have a maximum of three students per class.

In class, students can talk to the teacher via audio or video. The teacher is visible throughout the class and will type instruction on the screen as need arises.

Joining is easy!

Step 1: Buy classes (See prices and payment options to the right).

Step 2: You will receive a welcome email from Todd confirming payment.

Step 3: Choose a time and start classes!

Step 4: Attend class and have fun speaking English

Cost Per Class